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"Monastery Mountain – Chapter One" is an adventure game that deeply connects to European culture and church history. It tells a vivid monastery story during medieval times.

The main themes are spiritual life in monastery, humanity, witty humor and historical importance of monasteries. The story progresses with a relaxed pace suitable for monastery life and typical for adventure games in general.

Player is a young novice monk named Pepinot who arrives together with his master to an old monastery located high on mountain top. The game begins in an exciting mood of “Umberto Eco-like” storytelling, where young Pepinot learns the depths of human nature as one of the monks (presumably) loses his life during their arrival night accompanied with horrifying scream

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Tagslucasarts, monastery, Pixel Art, Retro


Monastery Mountain - ChapterOne 101 MB

Install instructions

1) Unzip the .zip package

2) Setup your screen settings from WinSetup.exe (optional)

3) Double-click "Monastery.exe" to play the game


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Looking forward to Chapter 2, and passing all the hurdles to become a monk. :) Oh yeah.. and solve the... ahem.. disappearance. 


Thanks for playing :) I hope you had fun! 

It's been an interesting experience. I definitely want to see where the investigation goes. :)